An Eventful Day Full of Awards & Cake!

This has been an exciting time for us at Jostar!  Last Tuesday, most of the team attended the Consumer Choice Awards luncheon to celebrate our company winning for the tenth consecutive year!  It is an honour to be chosen by our consumers among the top interior design companies in the Edmonton area.  We had the pleasure of speaking on stage at the luncheon to the other companies that were also accepting the award for 2016.  We focused on one of our greatest assets: being a team!  We love working together and bouncing ideas back and forth to give the client the best option for what they want and need.

cca staff 2015 group shot

From left to right in the photo: Our newest designer: Megan, Taylor, Joanna, Laura, and our practicum student: Jeanine

Later that day, we had the opportunity to attend the C&S Tile 45th year anniversary!  This was such a fun event and we had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the company, Claudio.  It was inspiring to see a person who has such a passion for the work they have done their entire life, and the passion is reflected in the amazing tile they supply us!  We all felt like we could listen to Claudio talk for hours, as we enjoyed cake with him to celebrate his birthday.  Claudio was born in Italy and immigrated to Canada in 1957 (Margranite-Ceramstone. About Us.).  Italy has been, and always will be, the heart of the company for C&S.

cstile claudio and daughter

Picture of Claudio and his daughter


While we were there, we were able to see samples of the amazing products they carry.  Some of the samples included Margranite, the concrete series of tile, and their new glass blocks.


Beautiful space done with the concrete tile series


Overall, it was another great week for us!  We are always learning lots and meeting new, amazing people.


C&S Tile had a really great quote that stuck with everybody at Jostar:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.”



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