Reason #7: Window Coverings

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If you have been following along, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Reason number seven for why we think you should consider hiring a design consultant is window coverings!


Window coverings have several different purposes.

  1. To offer privacy
  2. To limit or block sunlight
  3. To add softness to your room
  4. To prevent heat loss & heat from entering the home
  5. To add to the aesthetic of the space


Each of these needs varies depending on the home and the client. Some clients love the early morning sun shining in through their window, while others do not. Some people have a great view that they want to look out at. Other people look at the back of buildings. Sometimes adding window coverings can also add softness and texture to a space. Certain window coverings can also provide a barrier between the outside and the inside, preventing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. This is great for living in places like Edmonton, where our weather can vary from-50° to +30°. Adding great window coverings to a space can also add that finishing touch to make a space more beautiful.


Now, there are several different kinds of window coverings as well:

  1. Blinds
  2. Shades
  3. Roller Shades
  4. Drapery
  5. Sheers

Each of these different types have many different options available. They are all available in varying materials, sizes, opacities, raising/lowering/tilting options, directions (horizontal vs. vertical), and brands. Quality varies of course, and hiring a designer means that you will be getting high quality and the option of custom window coverings. You can also combine drapes with other kinds of window coverings to create a look that fits your needs, preferences, and personality.

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This is only a sample of what is out there. Windows come in all shapes and sizes and could have an entire blog dedicated to them, rather than just one post. Since we started out in window coverings, however, you can expect much more from us in the future. In the meantime, you can look forward to seeing reason number 8 next week!


Photos courtesy of some of our suppliers: Hunter Douglas, Joanne Fabrics, and Sun Glow window furnishings.


Spring Cleaning

It’s almost that time of year again—time for spring cleaning!


Spring is just around the corner. Are you ready? We have some suggestions for how to make your home feel fresh and new. You don’t need to renovate your entire space to give it a new look. Follow our tips to help give your space a face-lift.


The first thing you are likely to do when spring cleaning is to organize everything. We suggest trying something  different. Before you start the never-ending task of de-cluttering and re-organizing, try painting a wall or two. Maybe add a chalk wall to your space. It is a great way to change the way you look at and experience a room.




Sometimes, changing out your drapery is all you need to do. Already have shades or blinds? Try consulting a designer and seeing what you can do with drapery. We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from and many ways of hanging your drapes so that you can get window coverings that are as unique as you are.




Reorganizing and de-cluttering are often the first things that come to mind when we think of spring cleaning. Putting everything in a new place can feel very good. Re-organizing before tax season is also a great idea! However, finding the space for everything can be a challenge. Our designers are here to help you with choosing storage units that work for your needs. Whether you want something traditional, modern, or funky, there is a storage unit out there for you!

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Adding a pop of colour to your space by using well placed accent pieces can make a room feel more vibrant. After a winter of dark and neutral colours, breathing in new life to a space through colour can be easy. There are lots of suppliers that carry matching pieces. An accent colour works well when used on accessories such as vases, pillows, candles, artwork, and other small accessories. It can also be used as one large and bold accent on a couch, chair, wall, or fixture.

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Trying some of these tips can help you get well on your way to a new, fresh, livable space during spring cleaning season! Need more help? Ask one of our designers!

Brr It’s Cold!

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If you’re feeling the winter blues right now, it might be that your home is suffering from too much heat loss! Hunter Douglas offers a solution with their Duette® Architella® Shades!

architella light room

You might ask yourself, what is so special about these blinds? Or you might ask how blinds can help keep your home warmer? Hunter Douglas designs these shades to have three air pockets for better insulation. These insulating air pockets reduce heat loss by 40%. These shades help with energy saving in both the winter and the summer. They are also GREENGUARD indoor air quality Certified®.

Architella air pockets

As with their other honeycomb products, the Duette® Architella® shades are available in various colours, pleat sizes, opacities, and can fit just about any window shape.

power rise

The pleats in the Duette® honeycomb shades have TruePleat™ technology, which means that they will stay crisp throughout their lifetime. In addition to this, the fabric of the shades is resistant to static, soil, and dust. The blinds have a minimal stack height for those days when you want to let the sun shine in!

top down

Now that’s a blind everyone can use!

architella open diff heights